Past Examination Papers are Available Online & Print

Past exams come very handy and useful at this time of the year. They are now available through the My Osgoode page; note that you have to be logged in. Print version for previous years are available on the last shelf in the Upper Floor of the Law Library.

To access them online, on the My Osgoode page under the subheading “Programs & Records”, select “Exams & Assignments”:

Select “Exam Archive”.
Good luck!


Print/Download Options in HeinOnline

HeinOnline has added an enhancement to its Print/Download option. This new option allows you to download and print the number of pages you want by clicking on “Add another page range; continue by clicking “Print/Download All”.
It works on all browsers, but if you’re using Chrome you have to click “Show All Downloads” to see all the files you downloaded.
Remember to disable the pop-up blocker in order to use this feature.






Welcome Back!

Happy New Year and welcome back everyone!
Here are some quick reminders about the library’s Core Collection

  • ALWAYS CHECK OUT ANYTHING either from the self-checkout machines or from the Circulation Desk staff.
  • ALWAYS RETURN TO THE ITEM RETURN BOX at the Circulation Desk, do not put them back on the shelf yourself.

By doing these, you are helping others (students and faculty) who need to use the same book; once a book is checked out the system will give library staff the information about when it will be returned. You’re also saving library staff time from having to look all over the place. Returning them to the item box allows us to shelf them back so that the next user will find them in the right spot.
Note also that some of these titles are available in the general collection in the Lower Library or even as eBooks which you can access from your laptops or electronic devices.

Remember to always ask for assistance from our friendly librarians and library staff.

Thank you and have a productive term!

National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women – December 6, 2013

National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women

December 6 is the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. Here are some interesting research materials on this topic:

  1. Minister of Justice & Attorney General of Canada’s Statement
  2. Violence Against Women by Patti Ryan and Lisa Sloniowski
  3. UN Women Action Globally
  4. Government of Canada Efforts
  5. Gender & the Law by Yemisi Dina



Past Exams

Osgoode Hall Law School Past exams are available online. Access them from “MyOsgoode Student Portal“, look under Resources for “Exam Archive”.  Password is required. Selected years are also available in print on the shelves at the end of the Upper Floor of the Law Library.

Good Luck!