More Good News for Foreign and Comparative Law Buffs

Following on our subscription to the Foreign Law Guide this spring, we have subscribed to the Making of Modern Law's latest database: Foreign Primary Sources 1600 - 1970. This is the first of a proposed two "volumes," and contains statutes, regulations, codes and commentaries of Great Britain, Ireland and countries in northern, central and eastern Europe, half of which are in English.  These primary sources relate to such topics as Administration of Justice, Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Customary Law, Maritime Law and Military Law.  The next "volume" will cover southern Europe, Latin America and  jurisdictions outside Europe.  For more details, click here.  We also have access to the companion database, Foreign, Comparative and International Law 1600 - 1926, which contains classic historical treatises, commentaries, encyclopedias, textbooks and other monographs on International Law, the Foreign Law of a number of countries (as well as Ancient Law, Roman Law, Jewish Law and Islamic Law) and Comparative Law.  For more particulars, click here.