Opinions on High: New High Court of Australia Blog

Our friend Carole Hinchcliffe, head of the law library at University of Melbourne Law School, informs us that their new blog Opinions on High went live today. The blog airms to provide a public forum for discussion of the judicial decisions of the High Court of Australia by providing commentary on and analysis of recent High Court decisions, general information about the Court, and marking significant activities and events at the Court. It is a forum for discussion of decisions of the Court and a resource for understanding the operation of the Court.

Posts are written by faculty, alumni and friends of the Melbourne Law School with expertise in the subject matter of each case.The blog contains the following types of posts and special sections:

  • Case Pages contain up-to-date news information on pending and decided cases, links to case resources and opinion posts. Every matter the Court decides to hear will have its own Case Page;
  • Feature Posts will mark significant activities and events at the Court;
  • Additional information about the High Court, including its jurisdiction and operation;
  • A list of Legal terms; and finally
  • Links to other blogs

Anyone interested in Australian law or constitutional law generally should make a point of adding this blog to their favourites.


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