Oxford Bibliographies Online

An experienced researcher knows the value of a well prepared subject bibliography. An annotated subject bibliography is usually prepared by leading scholars or librarians to provide other researchers with a selected or comprehensive list of research materials related to that subject. Depending on the subject, bibliographies typically include books, peer review journal articles, and other publications such as websites and government documents. In other words, bibliographies are expert recommendations on the best works available in the discipline.

York University Libraries have recently subscribed to the Oxford Bibliographies Online (OBO), a database of bibliographies covering a wide range of subjects, including some law topics. The OBO combines the benefits of both bibliographies and encyclopedias and offers extensive annotations to the works included in the bibliographies. It’s both searchable and browsable. Each work listed in OBO includes links to locate it through Worldcat and/or Google books, making it easy to access the item. In the current subject list, “International Law”, “international relations” and criminology are directly related to law. There are nearly one hundred articles (i.e. topical bibliographies) under the subject “international law”, for example, human rights, natural law, use of force, feminist approaches to international law, international environmental law, international financial law, and so on. You can browse the full list of topics by choosing the subject “international law” when browsing the subject list.

For your next research project, please don’t forget to check out the Oxford Bibliographies Online. If you happen to find a bibliography relevant to your research topic, it will save you lots of time!

JustCite Introduces Precedent Map

JustCite is a legal citator and search engine for researching UK statutes and cases. It cross-references UK cases, legislation, and secondary commentaries to allow researchers to find related materials. It works very similarly like the Westlaw Keycite and Quicklaw Note Up service. Today, JustCite launched the “Precedent Map” feature, allowing the visualizing of relationships between cases.

In these maps, coloured arrows are used to distinguish positive, negative, and neutral judicial treatment. The size of the case display in these maps indicate the commonality between the main case and the “related case”. The bigger the display, the more closely related the two cases.  For more information about JustCite and the new precedent map, please check it out here.

Customary International Humanitarian Law Database

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has recently launched a FREE online database on customary international humanitarian law (IHL). This database is an expansion of the 2005 published study of IHL, conducted by ICRC in consultation with experts from around the world. It includes two parts.

Part One offers a comprehensive analysis of the customary rules of IHL deemed applicable in international and non-international armed conflict. Part Two contains a summary of State practice relating to most aspects of IHL, as expressed in national legislation, military manuals, official statements, and case law, and the practice of other entities such as international organizations and international courts and tribunals.

One can either search or browse the database and the content, especially the State practice part, will be updated regularly.