A portable journal library – HeinOnline comes to the iPad

Includes the Osgoode Hall Law Journal (among many, many others)

While many publishers are jumping on board with new technology as a means to deliver their services, HeinOnline has really stepped up with a fantastic new app for the iPad (and iPhone, if you’re prepared to squint at 3.5″ or 4″ PDFs) that is easy to use and provides a clean and user-friendly interface.

Once it is accessed from the Osgoode wifi, there is a one-click “IP authentication” button that will identify and verify the subscription access through our IP. Once this is done, the IP is saved for 30 days. This allows for remote access of the database, which includes everything that you would get from the traditional, web-based access. Content may accessed through searching, browsing, or using the citation navigator. Furthermore, it is possible to download articles or sections of journals.

I personally find the HeinOnline app to be enormously user-friendly and, while it lacks some of the searching and sorting power of the web-based interface, for most users it is likely even easier to use than the more “traditional” format. Certainly it is a cleaner format that harnesses much of the sizzle of the iPad without neglecting the steak of Hein’s content.

The app is available through the app store and is free to download.