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Blog posts from former reference librarian Sandra Geddes

Perfect Timing

Just to give you something to look forward to when you’ve finished your exams and papers, the library will have four especially interesting-sounding books available for your reading enjoyment by April 30. First on the list is The Emergency Sasquatch Ordinance and other real laws that human beings have actually dreamed up, enacted, and sometimes […]

Recent International Law Acquisitions

The library has been busy lately augmenting its International Law collection. The London Review of International Law is a brand new journal from Oxford (Volume 1 Issue 1 was published September 2013) to which we now have access.  It is not available through the catalogue or eResources yet, but it will be. We have also […]

More Good News for Foreign and Comparative Law Buffs

Following on our subscription to the Foreign Law Guide this spring, we have subscribed to the Making of Modern Law's latest database: Foreign Primary Sources 1600 - 1970. This is the first of a proposed two "volumes," and contains statutes, regulations, codes and commentaries of Great Britain, Ireland and countries in northern, central and eastern […]

Summer Reading

Exams are nearly over and summer is nearly here (notwithstanding spring's rather reluctant arrival), so no doubt everyone's mind is turning to their summer reading. The Guardian newspaper has very thoughtfully compiled a reading list for you, and we have a number of the books in our collection, including a DVD in one case. Your […]