Happy Valentine’s from the Law Library!

Image taken from The Law In Postcards and Ephemera, 1890-1962

Call it kismet, but we have received a new book for our Special Collections that seems extremely appropriate for Valentine’s Day. TitledĀ The Law In Postcards & Ephemera 1890-1962, it is, as the name would suggest, a collection of law-related postcards and ephemera that ranges from the racy to amusing to just plain cute. While many are very much products of their time (read: politically incorrect), they are all fascinating windows into the evolution (or not) of the perception of the legal profession in popular culture.

This is an image taken from the book from the “Law and Holidays” chapters. Perhaps the time is ripe to start a line of heritage legal postcards!

Happy Valentine’s from all of us at the Osgoode Law Library!

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