New Resource: Foreign Law Guide

While the summer has started for the Osgoode community (no doubt assisted by the warm weather serving as an antidote to the long, long winter), for those of you who are working as RAs over the summer or doing other foreign legal research, we have a new resource that is well worth the time to take a look at.

The Foreign Law Guide started as a hard copy resource (didn’t they all?), but has since morphed into a digital-only format. This is a good opportunity to point out that it deals with foreign law (i.e. the laws of foreign states) rather than international law (the laws between states). It is updated daily, and it serves as an overview of foreign law by jurisdiction. The formatting is very consistent, with a legal framework followed by an alphabetical run-down of various subject areas. If there’s anything remotely esoteric in terms of foreign law coverage, this is a fantastic place to start.

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