Halsbury’s Laws of Canada Now Complete

LexisNexis Canada recently celebrated the completion of the first edition of Halsbury’s Laws of Canada with the publication of the 77th and final volume this past February. Halsbury’s Canada began publication in 2006 with the volume on Conflict of Laws by Osgoode’s own Janet Walker. Now complete,Halsbury’s covers 117 legal subjects from all 14 Canadian jurisdictions, making it the only truly national legal encyclopedia, providing an authoritative, reliable and elegant statement of Canadian law.

Halsbury’s Laws of Canada is available both in print (in the Osgoode Library’s Core Collection) and also online as part of the LexisNexis Quicklaw legal information service. For more information about this signal event in Canadian law publishing, please see the press release here.

A new take on book “vendors”

Photo by Stephen Fowler via BlogTO

As librarians, part of our day-to-day responsibilities involve dealing with vendors who provide resources to us, the library, to pass along to you, the patrons. This is a big business, as anybody who has ever been to a major library conference and seen the impressive displays and salesmanship on offer. This all highlights the impressively idiosyncratic twist on the idea of a book vendor that is has been established by impressively idiosyncratic Toronto book store the Monkey’s Paw – an actual vending machine that dispenses completely random books.

Called the Bibliomat, the vending machine will dispense a book for a mere toonie, with the catch being that you will not know what you’ll be getting until you buy it and it spits out your new purchase. Given the nature of the bookstore (which is to say, a very unusual but well-curated selection of ephemera), it is safe to say that it is unlikely that it will be something that you own already.

Check out a video of the machine at work here:

The BIBLIO-MAT from Craig Small on Vimeo.


Canadian Journal of Human Rights

The first issue of the Canadian Journal of Human Rights has just recently been published. The CJHR is a new academic journal from the Robson Hall Faculty of Law of the University of Manitoba. An interdisciplinary, peer-reviwed journal of human rights law and policy with a national and international scope, it is the first and only journal of its kind in Canada.

As the Canadian Museum for Human Rights nears completion in Winnipeg, the CJHR seeks to attract human rights research from around the world. Its editors are committed to exploring varied areas of research from diverse perspectives — from queer rights in Africa and Aboriginal rights in Australia to the European Court of Human Rights and Human Rights tribunals in Canada.

In addition to being available open-access on the web (for which its editors are to be commended), the journal is also available on HeinOnline.

New Subscription: Children’s Legal Rights Journal

The Children’s Legal Rights Journal is a quarterly periodical co-edited by the ABA Center on Children and the Law and the Loyola University Chicago School of Law, in cooperation with the National Association of Counsel for Children. The journal focuses on the broad range of legal issues confronting children. Its goal is to provide practitioners in law and related fields with the practical resources they need to be effective advocates for their child clients.

Though the journal has been published for more than twenty-five years, this is a new subcription for the Osgoode library. It’s also a new “current subscription model” publication on HeinOnline, so the journal is available online before it’s available in print. If you’re interested in reviewing the issues of this journal regularly as published, please link to the journal and click “Create a TOC Alert” to receive the table of contents of each new issue by email, complete with links to the full text of each article.

New Journal: Oxford University Undergraduate Law Journal

The Oxford University Undergraduate Law Journal has recently published its inaugural edition. The Journal features submissions from undergraduates from the University of Oxford pertaining to the UK jurisdiction: this issue features a diverse array of articles, ranging from deportation to the family home.

The journal will be available exclusively online, both on HeinOnline’s Law Journal Library and open-access on the web.

The Journal was founded with a view to facilitating and reinforcing the already strong academic ethos in the study of law at the University of Oxford. It has the aim of providing students a platform from which to explore legal topics pertaining to the UK jurisdiction which are germane to the Jurisprudence curriculum; encouraging and promoting excellence in learning, debate and independent thought. This is further reflected in the democratising ‘by the students, for the students’ set-up, upon which the Journal is based.

The Honorary Board features distinguished members of the legal profession, such as Lord Phillips, Lord Neuberger and Michael Mansfield QC. More information, as well as the current issue, is available on the Journal’s official website, http://ouulj.law.ox.ac.uk.

Open Access eBook on Wrongful Dismissal and Employment Law Now Available on CanLII

CanLII (Canadian Legal Information Institute), Canada’s foremost resource of freely-available legal information, and Lancaster House, the respected Canadian law publisher specializing in labour and employment law, have announced their co-operation in a joint project to enhance open access to legal commentary in Canada. For the first time, an electronic text authored by experts in the field will be fully integrated and freely available to the public on the CanLII website. In the press release, CanLII explained:

This text will explain the law on hundreds of employment-related topics, and provide commentary on leading decisions of courts and labour tribunals. An easy-to-use, searchable guide, the e-text will permit the public and legal professionals alike to efficiently navigate the thousands of cases on the CanLII website that bear upon the subject of employment law and wrongful dismissal in order to uncover leading and influential decisions.

The authors of the eBook, whichbecame available on CanLII on May 4, are Peter Neumann and Jeffrey Sack, both recognized authorities in the field. The text is full-text searchable and can also be browsed by chapter.

Free eBooks from CALI’s eLangdell Press and the Legal Information Institute

Sarah Glassmeyer, law librarian and Director of Content Development for CALI (the Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction) reports in recent post on the Law Librarian Blog that CALI’s eLangdell Press has now publsihed the  Federal Rules of Evidence, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure.  The ebooks were compiled by the good folks at the Legal Information Institute at Cornell University Law School.  They include:

  • The complete rules as of December 1, 2010.
  • All notes of the Advisory Committee immediately following each rule.
  • Internal links to rules referenced within the rules.
  • External links to the LII website’s version of the US Code.