Recent Acquisitions, May 2 – May 9, 2016

51 new acquisitions in Osgoode Hall Law School Library, including 25 from 2016:

Recent Acquisitions, April 25 – May 2, 2016

23 new acquisitions in Osgoode Hall Law School Library, including 8 from 2016:

Recent Acquisitions, April 18 – April 25, 2016

11 new acquisitions in Osgoode Hall Law School Library, including 9 from 2016:

  • K 247.6 C65 2016

    Beating hearts : abortion and animal rights

    Columbia University Press, 2016

    viii, 252 pages ; 24 cm.

  • K 644 W67 2016

    Women's rights and religious law : domestic and international perspectives

    Routledge, 2016

    ix, 317 pages ; 24 cm.

  • K 1401.5 I53 2015

    Indigenous intellectual property : a handbook of contemporary research

    Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, 2015

    xxvii, 723 pages ; 25 cm.

  • K 1420.5 B36 2016

    International copyright and access to knowledge

    Cambridge University Press, 2016

    xvi, 258 pages ; 24 cm.

  • K 3830 V33 2016

    Analogies in international investment law and arbitration

    Cambridge University Press, 2016

    xiii, 304 pages ; 24 cm

  • KF 1244 D44 2016

    Defences in unjust enrichment

    Hart Publishing, 2016

    xxxi, 328 pages ; 24 cm.

  • KF 3742 C45 2013

    Homelessness in Nigeria : investigating Africa's housing crisis

    Xlibris Corporation, 2013

    492 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm

  • KF 8972 ZH261 2016

    The jury in America : triumph and decline

    University Press of Kansas, 2016

    xvi, 464 pages ; 24 cm.

  • KF 9242 B58 2016

    Law and the modern mind : consciousness and responsibility in American legal culture

    Harvard University Press, 2016

    385 pages ; 25 cm

  • KF 9435 R48 2016

    Adultery : infidelity and the law

    Harvard University Press, 2016

    260 pages ; 22 cm

  • KF 9756 L39 2016

    Law's mistakes

    University of Massachusetts Press, 2016

    vii, 178 pages ; 23 cm.

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You’re invited to a library research workshop on April 27

The Law Library is pleased to offer a research workshop to all students on April 27. While the session is geared primarily to Research Assistants, all JD and graduate students who want to improve their research skills are also welcome to attend.
The workshop will cover the following areas:

Legislation & case law
Journal indexes & articles
Foreign, comparative and international law sources
Multidisciplinary Sources
Zotero bibliographic management service

Date: Wednesday, April 27
Time:  10 AM to 12:30 PM
Location: Room 2003

Refreshments will be served.

To reserve a spot send an email message to

Recent Acquisitions, April 11 – April 18, 2016

19 new acquisitions in Osgoode Hall Law School Library, including 11 from 2016:

Recent Acquisitions, April 4 – April 11, 2016

36 new acquisitions in Osgoode Hall Law School Library, including 10 from 2016:

Quebec and Federal Content Enhancements to CanLII

CanLII has recently announced some significant content enhancements to their offerings of federal Quebec materials – and an exciting development for freely available legal information.

In collaboration with the Quebec Centre d’accès à l’information juridique (CAIJ), the following substantial caselaw offerings have been added to the Quebec databases:

Further, we should all be particularly excited that CanLII has now added Quebec and Federal annual statutes:

Again, thanks to their supplier Lexum‘s programmatic wizardry, CanLII not only hosts the annual statutes as static documents but integrates them dynamically to the rest of their legislation collections.

Let’s hope this is just the beginning, and that we will soon be able to see even more annual statutes for all provinces and territories on CanLII in the future.

We have also been able to add the following caselaw to our Quebec databases:

This is an exciting development for freely available legal information, and we are pleased to have the opportunity to work with CAIJ to leverage lawyers’ investments in both our organizations.

You can read the press releases from CanLII, CAIJ and Lexum.