New HeinOnline Resources Added to the Library Catalogue

Approximately 650 new HeinOnline resources have been loaded to the library catalogue:

American Indian Law Collection 2 new titles
Foreign Relations of the U.S. 1 new title
History of International Law 33 new titles
U.S. Congressional Documents 353 new titles
U.S. Federal Legislative History Library 91 new titles
Women and the Law (Peggy) 4 new titles
World Constitutions Illustrated: Contemporary & Historical Documents & Resources 163 new titles
World Trials Library 10 new titles

BC Gazette Part II Now Available Online and Free of Charge

The British Columbia Gazette Part II is now available online and free of charge on the BC Laws website. The electronic version of the Gazette Part II has the complete text of all new, repealed and amended regulations deposited under the Regulations Act, RSBC 1996, c 402, in a fully-searchable format. It includes all issues from October 2001 to present. The Gazette Part II joins these other British Columbia statutory, regulatory and legislative resources on the BC Laws website , all free of charge. It’s a very impressive collection, especially for the historical range of the collections.

BC Laws is published by the Queen’s Printer for British Columbia in partnership with the Ministry of Justice and the Legislative Assembly.

Past Examination Papers are Available Online & Print

Past exams come very handy and useful at this time of the year. They are now available through the My Osgoode page; note that you have to be logged in. Print version for previous years are available on the last shelf in the Upper Floor of the Law Library.

To access them online, on the My Osgoode page under the subheading “Programs & Records”, select “Exams & Assignments”:

Select “Exam Archive”.
Good luck!