Open Access Journals Bibliography

Charles W. Bailey, Jr. has issued another useful bibliography in his ongoing series of bibliographies relating to digital scholarship. The latest addition is the Open Access Journals Bibliography.

"This bibliography presents selected English-language
scholarly works that are useful in understanding open access
journals. It does not cover works about e-prints or works
that include open access journals in a treatment of diverse
types of research materials. Most sources have been
published from 1999 to the present; however, a few key
sources published prior to 1999 are also included. The
bibliography primarily includes books and published journal
articles. A limited number of magazine articles and
technical reports that are deemed to be of exceptional
interest are also included.

The bibliography includes links to versions of the materials available online.

If you are interested in consulting open access journals you can also visit the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) which currently includes 87 law journals.

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