Summer Reading

Exams are nearly over and summer is nearly here (notwithstanding spring's rather reluctant arrival), so no doubt everyone's mind is turning to their summer reading. The Guardian newspaper has very thoughtfully compiled a reading list for you, and we have a number of the books in our collection, including a DVD in one case. Your summer reading list is ready for pick-up!

Of the top six nominations, we have (in the order set out in The Guardian):


Other books in the top six recommendations for you to hunt down (try your public library):

  • Tom Bingam, The Rule of Law
  • Nicholas McBride, Letters to a Law Student
  • Catherine Barnard et al, What About Law?

Other nominations:

  • Gary Slapper, How Law Works
  • Clare Dyer and Marcel Berlins, The Law Machine
  • Lon Fuller, The Case of the Spelun[c]ean Explorers
  • Mark Giminez, The Colour of Law

Of course, we have plenty more DVDs and law-related fiction in our fiction corner in the northwest corner of the main floor of the library, in the midst of the study rooms.

Don't thank me, thank Dan Pinnington's Slaw blog of April 8, 2013.