Eventually the 196 bus will arrive...

It is somehow appropriate that on the first weekend of 2014, the top-grossing movie at the North American box office was titled Frozenwhich pretty much sums up the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 in North America in general and Toronto in particular. For those of you who went home to points outside of Toronto after exams, you were probably fortunate enough to miss the simultaneous beauty and beast of the ice storm (and have power), but alas, were likely unlucky to feel the full brunt of the so-called "polar vortex" (and its -40 wind chill) that is just starting to lift as I write this.

Although it is predicted to be 7 degrees and raining by Saturday, we will undoubtedly have more cold weather before spring arrives, so remember that the library can be a heated oasis for your comfortable studying pleasure until 10 pm during the week (except for Fridays, when we close at 5 pm) and 6 pm on the weekend. While it is hardly necessary to remind you that food is not allowed (no, not even pineapple), life-sustaining hot beverages are allowed - as long as they're in covered containers. And no, book flasks don't count.