Noting up specific paragraphs of cases in JustisOne

JustisOne is a huge caselaw database that includes Canadian cases and has a feature similar to CanLII for finding cases that cite a specific paragraph of a case. You can access JustisOne from the Quick Links section on the library's home page.

  • Click on the settings icon and select Canada as your jurisdiction.
  • Search for a case. Eg. Rizzo v. Rizzo Shoes Ltd. (Re), [1998] 1 SCR 27, 154DLR 4th 193.
  • The case appears on the right side of the screen. The paragraph or paragraphs that are most heavily cited appear on the left side of the screen, along with an option to highlight all quoted passages. In this case, para. 27 is cited most frequently.
  • Click on “Highlight all quoted passages”. “Displaying quoted passages” now appears on top of the case, along with a “heat map” in varying shades of purple running along the right-hand side of the screen. The darker the shade of purple, the more that paragraph has been cited by other cases.
  • Scroll down the case until you see the paragraph that interests you. Using paragraph 27 as an example, you’ll see that most of it is highlighted in the darkest shade of purple, as this is the part that has been cited most often.
  • Left click on any part of this section and a “Quoted in” list of citing cases will come up on the left. You can scroll through all the cases and click on any of them to go to the citing case, with the option of going to the specific paragraph in that case that cites the Rizzo v Rizzo Shoes case.
  • The list of citing cases includes cases from all the different jurisdictions JustisOne covers. If our subscription doesn’t include a specific jurisdiction you will still be able to see the citation for the case but won’t be able to access it through JustisOne. Links to free sources to the case may be available, for instance to New Zealand cases on the New Zealand Legal Information Institute (NZLII). 

With thanks to Mary Ibrahim from vLex Justis