Legal research certification


Enhance your legal research skills and impress your prospective employer by earning legal research certification from LexisNexis Canada, Thomson Reuters and VLex Justis

What’s available?

LexCanLearn Legal Research Certification from LexisNexis Canada:

Module 1 - Basic Features of Online Legal Research

Module 2 - Natural Language, Boolean Searching & Post-Search Filtering

Module 3 - Using Treatises, Practice Guides and Journal Articles

Module 4 - Finding the Right Statutes and Statutory Interpretation

Module 5 - Caselaw Research

Module 6 - Noting up and finding More Authority

Module 7 - Researching Regulations & Administrative Tribunal Decisions

Module 8 - Drafting Documents for Transactional Practice

Four certification options from Thomson Reuters:

Foundations of Legal Research Certification – Understand the legal system and how to put a research plan into action

Essential Legal research Certification – An introduction to Westlaw and the essential elements of legal research

Advanced Legal Research Certification – Increase the depth, breadth and quality of your research

Transactional Law Certification – An overview of the key tools used to construct and review agreements

JustisOne Proficiency Test

LexCanLeJustisOne Proficiency Testarn Legal Research Certification from LexisNexis Canada:JustisOne Proficiency Te30 questions

30 questions

Any participant scoring 100% on their first attempt will be entered into VLex Justis's Hall of Fame