Internet Archive (Re)Launches Open Library

The Internet Archive has recently launched there redesigned Open Library. The Open Library now makes over one million books available to all and in a new format that is designed to support the "print disabled ... those who are blind, dyslexic or are otherwise visually impaired."

"The print disabled collection of books are now available through the Archive’s new Open Library site (, which serves as a gateway to information about millions of hardcopy books and more than 1 million electronic books."

In a recent Twitter post Rob Richards (@richards1000) pointed out the wealth of legal materials available on the Open Library.
Looks like this continues to develop into a very valuable resource.

[07May2010: More information on the Open Library redesign has been posted today. They note that, "This is a “soft launch,” our very first release at a new take on the Open Library system. There will be things that seem a bit weird, particularly if you’ve used the previous version. We’re fairly sure that all the major operations work though, so if you find something that’s broken, or would like to suggest an improvement or discuss something, we’re all ears!]