Summer access to Quicklaw

All personal student Quicklaw accounts will be deactivated by LexisNexis from June 1 until August 31.

During this period you may access both LexisAdvance Quicklaw and the older LexisNexis Quicklaw platform through the campus wide subscription. To do this go to the Library's home page.
Under Quick Links, select Lexis Advance Quicklaw (York)› or Quicklaw (York-wide)› (if you're using this platform click on Register Later, but don't actually register). You will be prompted to authenticate with your Passport York credentials.

Please note that students may only use Quicklaw only if they are not employed in a law-related field and are:

  1. Enrolled in a summer course leading to a degree or diploma,
  2. Authorized for an extension of a school course,
  3. Working for a professor as a research assistant,
  4. Working for a law faculty-associated law journal or legal aid clinic, or
  5. Conducting research (honing their research skills) for upcoming school assignments in the fall.

Westlaw personal student accounts remain active over the summer, but the same criteria for academic use apply.

If you have any questions please contact Sharona Brookman at

Wishing you a enjoyable and successful summer!